For Sales & Marketing

Leverage advanced audience segmentation to deliver real-time messaging and calls to action that motivate and engage attendees to respond and sales opportunities to close.

Accelerating the business value of webcasting to marketers, sales professionals, and enterprises.

Perigon has revolutionized the way we think about digital events.

For Enterprise

Reinvent employee communication and supply chain information-sharing to increase engagement levels and time-to-market when speed-to-information and execution are critical. 

For Education & Thought

Provide multiple methods of distributing and sharing information not only during a webcast. You can create an event life-cycle, all while continuing high engagement levels.

We're here to help out.

Perigon offers webcasting technology for nonprofits and education organizations


Perigon is rich in features, yet it keeps that clean and elegant aspect. It is highly adaptable to our speakers and audiences. That leaves us free to do what we’re really good at: creating high-quality content. And that’s what people expect. "RE 

– Angelia Herrin
Editor, Research and Special Projects


We understand in this time of crisis not all platforms are created equally. Perigon is here to help make sure you stay connected with your students and staff without any disruptions. 

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e-Learning / Continuing Education Delivery

e-Learning is widely used today as an extension of the classroom, usually covering a topic for educational purposes only. This method is popular in many professions where keeping your industry chops up to date requires Continuing Education (CE) and re-certification. And CE content is often delivered by way of a webinar.

Continuing Education webinars—both live and on-demand—help e-Learners earn credits in their field without them having to travel long distances and disrupt their schedules. These online events incorporate a virtual audience learning about a specific topic from an expert speaker – who leverages interactive tools to conduct surveys and polls, field questions, and gather feedback. Most CE webinars are peer-reviewed prior to launch and are designed to meet state and federal requirements. When using a content delivery platform that includes Learning Management System essentials, CE webinars can also be followed by an evaluation, a test or quiz, an additional recommended course, or even automated certificate delivery.